Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tempahan customer July 2012

Salam semua..

There's few hijab ordered by my customer for this whole month.

Just want to share it with you. But if you interested you can let me know. Just order it from me ok! ~

Bawal Pelangi Roses

RM 45/each!

Code Item : BPR-01

Code Item : BPR-02

Code Item : BPR-03

Code Item : BPR-04

Code Item : BPR-05

Code Item : BPR-06

Bawal Pelangi Rosette

RM 65 /each!

Code Item : BPRT-01

Code Item : BPRT-02

So seperti biasa, sape2 nak order blh kontek saya di FB or directly email saya kat

Saya akan update no fon baru sebab nombor ari tu ade masalah =(

For the time being saya prefer terima order by email k..Tq

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