Friday, 10 February 2012

New Laland Yi-Fu updated

Salam dear..

Dah lama tak update items kat cni..

Btw, there's few items available! Well it's not a roses thingy~

It's a blouse and dress~

For God's sake I spent whole week rolling a roses! Wait for the update peeps!

Dress Code: DR4342 Brown

Panjang: 130 cm

Lebar: 52 cm (Fit til XXL)!

RM 75

Blouse Code: DR4362 Blue, Red, Pink

Panjang: 74 cm

Lebar: 49 cm (Fit til XL)!

RM 70
Hurry Up..

Sape cepat dia dapat!

For fast response please call/sms me at 016-2478757

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