Sunday, 12 February 2012

Roses open for order..


Ramai yang bertanya harga roses nih..

Small size of roses ; 3cm-4cm range of size..
Price for small size of roses: 1 paket = RM 10

1 paket = 12 roses.
Color chart untuk roses yang boleh di tempah..All color are available except creamy peach. Tq

This is palette roses.Only available in small size; 3cm-4cm range 

Price = 1 roses = RM 3

Quite expensive since the material I used is quite pricey also..

For palette roses, color available is limited.Nice roses huh?

Ok..I also sell 2-colors of roses..Means you can mix up the roses color..

So ;
S01= Small size with 1 color only.

S02 = Small size with combination of 2 colors.

M01 = Medium size with 1 color only.

M02 = Medium size with combination of 2 colors.

Untuk roses bersaiz medium, saiz dia adalah 5cm-6cm range. Quite big..So far xde lagi yang order medium size =)

Harga untuk borong minima 10 pieces roses/paket (tanpa pin kerongsang):
Small Size with 1 color; S01 = 1 paket RM 10

Small Size with 2 color ; S02 = 1 paket RM 13

Medium Size with 1 Color ; M01 = 1 paket RM 35

Medium Size with 2 Color ; M02 = 1 paket RM 38

So sape2 yang berminat boleh email saya di untuk membuat tempahan..For fast response as usual; 016-2478757..Tq..