Thursday, 15 March 2012

Quick Update for little thingy


Salam n gud morning..

This one ordered from my regular customer (again)! Happy with it..

Code Item: BR 24

Bawal: Light Grey

Roses: Yellow + Black


So, there's few people asking me if I can change the design; make it look light and less-roses?

I'm giving a thought to reduce the number of roses from 64 roses to 21 roses only!

21 roses at the back and bahagian depan mmg tak de berat kat bahagian belakang je..

The most important thing is, this new design of roses only cost you RM 30/each!

So any color of tudung bawal roses, please refer tot he previous post and get the code item..


PM/SMS/Call me at 016-2478757 ok?

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