Monday, 19 March 2012

When plagiat have no idea to design!


Do you remember my post about the syria polkadot roses?

Someone has stolen my idea for God's sake!

Initially I saw one of my competitors update her status; 'Syria polkadot roses coming soon!"

And then I pon tefikir mesti dia dapatkan dari supplier Indon nih..

So I pon tgk la FB minah indon ni and I was so surprised! She's using my picture ok!

That is so embarrassing (for her)!

Can you spot the syria that I put love one? OMG..Shame on you dude! No she's a beb!

And she's Indonesian..I don't know why she want to steal other people picture. I don't mind if people steal my ideas..But please use your own pictas ok??

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